Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I’m Closing My Firm

I’ve been quite busy these past two months. You see, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. I’ve decided to close down my accounting firm after 4 years of running it.


Well, for personal reasons, reasons that are really too private for me to write about in a platform that is for public consumption.

How did I know I want to close the firm?

Well, I knew I had to make a decision when I realized I don’t have the drive anymore to run this firm. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t revive my previous drive to do my job and to run this firm. I finally realized that it’s just unfair for my clients and for my staff if I continue doing something I no longer have the passion with, hence, my decision to close down.

So what am I doing right now?

I’m pretty much doing what I did when I left my previous employer 4 years ago. I’m talking to my clients, I’m talking to my close friends, I’m going to talk to my staff and I’m going to talk to the other people I have been involved with in the past 4 years or so. I know these are difficult tasks but then again, I’ve steeled myself to do all of them (again). I know it’s not easy (I’ve already experienced some odd questions and odd looks when I inform them that I’m closing down), and there will be negative (hopefully, not violent) reactions along the way but I’d like to think I’m prepared for them.

Next, what will I do?

Now this is the million – dollar question. You see, despite making this huge decision, I’m still undecided what I will do in the future. Do I go back to my previous employer, that big firm where I spent 8 years of my career? Do I go to an entirely new career different from this one (like perhaps online writing or outsourcing or online bookkeeping)? Or do I rest for a few months, think about what I really do want with my life, plan ahead and think about how I will stick to this plan? Or do I take up further studies in areas I am most likely to be interested in (believe me, I have quite a few that I want to study, and they’re not all related to accounting or auditing)? Or do I do a combination of all these things?

Will I regret closing down?

Uhm, I know I will not but ask me again in a few months’ time and I may give a more definite answer.

And I know I’m talking to myself in this post, but heck, I consider it good practice in my non-virtual life. I’ve already encountered some of these questions and I’m pretty sure I will encounter all of them by the time this year ends. 


  1. No comments on a pretty serious post. Dude start this blog up again. There are WAY to few posts.

  2. This blog has been really helpful. Are you planning to totally switch your career from accounting? I know you mentioned personal reasons but are you closing because you are tired of accounting in general or burned out?

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